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Racquet Sports

Racquet Sport Equipment
for Rye Brook, NY; Greenwich, Stamford, CT & the Surrounding Areas

At Sportech, we specialize in helping our customers with all their racquet sports needs. From tennis racquet customization and stringing expertise to our extensive selection of tennis equipment and accessories, we have everything you’ll need to play at the top of your game. On top of supplying tennis equipment, we also carry a wide range of pickleball equipment to help introduce you to the fastest growing game in America.

We are one of the top stores of tennis, squash, and paddle racquets and equipment in Rye Brook, NY; Greenwich, CT; Stamford, CT; and the surrounding areas.

Sportech and The Tennis Professionals have been recognized as the 2014 #1 Babolat Tennis Retailer in the United States! If you are interested in getting into the game of tennis or exploring the world of pickleball, we encourage you to give us a call or visit our store today!

Tennis Equipment Greenwich, CT & White Plains, NY

Tennis Equipment

For beginning and proficient tennis players, we have all major brands of racquets, strings, footwear, and apparel for you to choose from. Full-time stringing specialists are on hand and will have your racquet ready for you the same day.

Do you need grips, overwraps, vibration dampeners, lead tape, rosin bags, or other tennis equipment in the White Plains, NY and Greenwich, CT area? We have it all! We also have a number of elbow, wrist, ankle, and knee supports to help keep any injuries you may already have sustained from getting worse.

Racquet, Squash, & Tennis Equipment White Plains, NY

Squash and Platform Tennis

Our squash racquet brands include Dunlop and Technifibre. We have a large collection of eyewear, footwear, apparel, and squash bags. These bags can fit adult and children’s equipment.

We have a full line of Master Athletics, Viking, Wilson, and Xenon paddles as well as winter and summer balls. We have a full line of Wilson and Viking paddles as well as regulation balls. Come and see all of our footwear, gloves, mitts, and cold gear apparel for yourself.

Table Tennis

Table Tennis

Our table tennis paddles start at $4.99 and go up to $79.95. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you will find a great selection of table tennis equipment at Sportech. The best in table tennis balls, nets, and bags are all available.


Pickleball Equipment

Pickleball is America’s fastest-growing sport! We have pickleball equipment including paddles, balls, and footwear. We carry paddles from brands such as Selkirk and Gamma, we have a variety of indoor and outdoor balls to choose from , and a full line of Asics, Nike, Wilson, KSwiss, Adidas, and Babolat court sneakers!

Babolat Number 1 Retailer 2014 US

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