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Sportech is an “easy shop” for our men customers. We offer a carefully curated collection of athletic wear for tennis and all racquet sports and running, fitness, basketball, soccer, and casual. Our simple sizing system allows you to zero in on your style and size choices saving time and effort! Tell us what you need and let the Sportech staff help you find it!

Sportech’s selection of men’s footwear for tennis, squash, running, cross-training, hiking, casual, and summer has to be seen to be believed. We accommodate special orders with ease. Let our many years of experience work to your benefit in filling your individual footwear needs. For more serious footwear issues we carry a full line of orthotics.

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Running is one of the best forms of exercise from an all-around perspective; it builds bone strength, improves cardiovascular endurance, and strengthens muscles. However, running can also be extremely hard on your body. Because it is so high-impact, it can be rough on your joints, leading to pain and injury over time. It’s important to give your feet the proper foundation as you run. The right footwear offers support and stability, absorbing the shock as you run and protecting your body against plenty of wear and tear. Our selection of running shoes is designed specifically to protect your body against the injuries you sustain while running. Our team can help fit you for the right pair of shoes to match your size, foot shape, and running style to most efficiently protect your feet. Take the right step to protect your long-term joint health and visit us today to check out our running shoes!

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